KiwiG PhonTunes

KiwiG PhonTunes 4.0

Free transfer,backup,manage music and playlist between different devices(iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Android, PC, other devices)

Free music download, transfer and manager tool between different devices

KiwiG PhonTunes is a free full-version software to transfer music between multiple platforms as well as download free music. Users of iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad), iTunes, Android and other devices now can enjoy entirely barrier-free music migration and music download.

It provides users convenience to download free music in popular music sites. Batch download function can easily complete the process to download the whole range of music files or along the files you specify.

The process of transferring music between different devices can be a hassle. Users get tired of the one-way transfer migration (only from iTunes to a device but not the other way around). PhonTunes will be a good addition to your music management toolkit. With its intuitive and well-organized interface, users can easily explore their music resources. Also, PhonTunes can automatically detect all compatible iOS or Android devices, and displays their contents in the left-side column. If duplicate files are detected, this tool will automatically mark them for users to keep or remove. Editing music details and information is also easy with PhonTunes. Users can edit the track and album information, rename, add a photo cover, or create new playlists. PhonTunes is designed to transfer music between devices with ease, and allow you to freely manage your playlists and music libraries as you want.

What’s new:

Download MP3 music and batch download music files

Music Navigation in 6 most popular music sites:,,,,,

one click to transfer music and playlists between PC/iTunes and devices, with all music details.

Music player function to provide 3 common play modes. Users can freely view list and status.

Manage music in different folders and directories.

Support more iPod devices: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic

Directly transfer music between other devices to Android without iTunes assistant

KiwiG PhonTunes


KiwiG PhonTunes 4.0

User reviews about KiwiG PhonTunes

  • rauber12

    by rauber12

    "it is very suitable"

    very good, haven't had any problems. i have downloaded many songs with this tool, it performs great..   More.

  • Crazy bunny

    by Crazy bunny

    "LIKE IT because it's easy and functional"

    It's bravo!!!! I DO NOT like using iTunes because it is such a HASSLE!!! Always want to find easy way to figure out. ...   More.

  • stevewu555

    by stevewu555

    "nice tool to easily copy music between iTunes and Android"

    it is really free and useful. it successfully migrate all my iTunes playlist to my new Android phone..   More.

  • Monica3333

    by Monica3333

    "Awesome music transfer"

    That's awesome music tool. Totally free! Copy 300 songs from iPhone4s to PC and my blue HTC. So loooove it!!!.   More.